football talk

just a few quick points before i start working on my third class presentation of this week:

  • first, a few administrative things:
    • where did all the bloggers go? apparently, the writers' strike has affected college blog writers as well. as i said before, i'll be on this more often over the next few months...dont know about the other lazy guys.
    • most readers of this blog suck because they dont comment at all. blogs are meant to be communities/open forums. no comment on my awesome prediction on the last cowboys-giants game? damn...fine. then at least respond to my questions about jet. or comment about any sports. or for that matter, make any comment at all about anything, i wont give a shit as long as you comment.
  • RIP sean taylor (and for that matter, darrent williams, who was shot after an altercation he was not involved with, and eventually died in the arms of teammate javon walker). i know in normal circumstances, death is something people deal with every day, and that just because someone is famous doesn't mean they should receive any extra attention. however, when things like this occur in the sports world, when a member of the sports/sports fandom brotherhood is killed, it sends a wave throughout the sports world that touches everyone, even those that arent fans of that player or team. it's just another sad story of a budding nfl superstar, one with a fiance and new-born baby, dying far too young. people forget that athletes are human sometimes, and this is a tragic reminder that they too are mortals despite the constant idolizing. i hope the redskins are able to band together, rally behind this, and make the playoffs (only to be beaten by the cowboys). im saddened by this loss, and my prayers go out to those closest to him, as well as the redskin community.
  • prediction for tonight's game - 27-17 cowboys. 1 each for mbIII, witten, and crayton. 2 ints for favre.
  • terry glenn...find your knee before the playoffs!
  • the hated eagles deserve credit for a good effort against the patriots, but as all the writers pile on the compliments, did everyone suddenly forget that the injury-depleted colts almost beat them as well? i'd go with their gameplan as opposed to the eagles, which may or may not have been the same.
    • on a side note, they must love aj feeley in philly right now. donovan is done in philly after this season...i'm pretty sure everyone hates him. he seems like he's usually a pretty stand-up guy, but his strange demeanor doesn't really endear him to fans, as he comes off as pretentious and cocky most of the time. the conspiracy theorist in me says andy reid is in no rush to return mcnabb because he likes the change of pace.
  • what are the browns going to do next season? who would have thought that the guy who didnt even begin the season as a starter would become a premiere nfl qb? with brady "i'm not that good" quinn in the background, there will be some important decisions to be made this offseason...which will be put off a little longer since it seems as if the browns might make the playoffs (dammit dammit dammit i wanted a high draft pick). somewhere in seattle, charlie frye is sitting in the corner of a room, naked, crying, and alone.
  • disappointing return for ricky williams. i really wanted to see what he could do as a drug-free (i think?) athlete cause he always tore it up when he played in years past. and as the race for the number one pick in the draft continues, one interesting question will be asked of miami: is darren mcfadden too good to pass up? they have an excellent running back in ronnie brown (the poor man's LT), and jesse chatman has done decent in his own right. john beck doesn't really look like the qb of the future, so that needs to be addressed as well. maybe they'll trade down or something. we'll see.
    • by the way, this is not the worst team in nfl history. the dolphins have lost 6 games by 3 points or less, which, among other problems, means they cant execute worth shit down the stretch. there is obviously talent on this team (though the defense is getting old), and the season-ending injury to ronnie brown didnt really help much either. had he stayed healthy, they might have 2 or 3 wins right now.
    • on a related note, on the way to a possible undefeated season (though that remains to be seen with a good steelers team and a formerly dangerous ravens team (their defense has lost a step or...five)), people seem to be overlooking the fact that the patriots play in a fake division. there are the pats...and some other high school teams in there i think. the bills, jets, and dolphins? seriously? that's a division? that's like having an eating competition between a starving african kid and a rock. yes, that's the analogy i'm using for this situation, because it is almost exactly the same.
    • and on another similar note, i don't want to hear all this junk about how the afc is wayyyyyyyyyy better than the nfc. yes, the afc is better as a whole, but outside of the division leaders (sans the chargers) and jacksonville, the nfc has many comparable teams. does the nfc have a division leader at 6-5? no. the browns are the fake good team of the afc, just like the lions are the fake good team of the nfc. baltimore sucks because they dont have a qb, and their defense, as i mentioned earlier, has been declining with age. they are not to be feared like they were during their superbowl run (when you had to worry about ray lewis possibly murdering you after the game). cincy can't play defense, so there goes another "elite" from the afc. the point is, yes there may be a noticeable difference in talent in each conference, but, with the exception of the pats and colts, it is not as big as you might think.
so this post turns out to be longer than the "quick" one i had previously thought i would write (which means i didnt want to work on my presentation). anyhow, enjoy the game tonight, and go cowboys!


Justin said...

i know this is sam's prediction, but VY will hand the pats their only loss of the season.

or i hope.

Albert said...

Not a bad prediction on Cowboys. Right on the int's and close on the TDs. NFC and AFC are comparable. AFC is more top heavy as I'd take their top two over the NFC top two. I'd probably take Pitt and maybe Jax over GB as well. After that its all about the same. Just a lot of mediocrity all the way around. NE wouldn't have a chance at 16-0 if there division weren't a complete joke. NE vs. the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets should be hilarious. Not only does Belicheat hate Mangini, the dude turned him in for cheating. Pats are at home too. He'll leave all starters in until they score at least 50 and Mangini will probably resort to trying to injure players.