nba playoffs! (abbreviated version)

hopefully i'll post my real thoughts before tomorrow's 1130 am (central) start to the nba playoffs, but in short:

finals = lakers + cavs

why? simply, no one in the west is as strong as the lakers, unless the nugs get twice as athletic or the trailblazers overcome young'in syndrome and become the most darling cinderella in nba history. as for the east, since kg is now a gimp, everyone just point and laugh at the eastern conference (except for the cavs).

jury is still out on who will win this series.

what could change this almost inevitable finals matchup? this may be different with andrew bynum back, but i'm telling you, outside of kobe, the lakers are still soft and aren't that great at defense (defense wins championships dammit!). as for the cavs, cmon, outside of lebron, their starting lineup is laughable. i know he does some good "energy" stuff, but who would have thought that anderson varejao would be starting on a championship team? LOL god i just seriously laughed out loud at the thought. lebron is otherworldly and makes his teammates look better than they ever will (they should owe half their paychecks to lbj), but that's not how you win championships. luckily for them, despite what others might say, the east is still a joke to me.

f it, lakers in 6. try as lebron might, his team holds him back. they just can't match up with the lakers.

lakers, lakers, cavs, lakers, cavs, lakers.


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