any suggestions?

what should i bet on for shits and giggles:

Name: herng tsui
Account: 603697841
Username: lucylaplant
  Balance: $11113.83
There are currently no bets on the ticket.

OFF-3 (-120)Over 47
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET406Texans(Houston)
OFF+3 (even)Under 47
OFF-3 (even)Over 34
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET408Ravens(Baltimore)
OFF+3 (-120)Under 34
OFF-6.5 (-115)Over 45
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET410Dolphins(Miami)
OFF+6.5 (-105)Under 45
OFF+9.5Over 38.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET412Panthers(Carolina)
OFF-9.5Under 38.5
OFF+5.5Over 42.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET414Eagles(Philadelphia)
OFF-5.5Under 42.5
OFF-3.5Over 44.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET416Lions(Detroit)
OFF+3.5Under 44.5
OFF+7Over 43.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
13:05 ET420Giants(NewYork)
OFF-7Under 43.5
OFF+3 (even)Over 48
MatchupTrend Sheet
16:10 ET422Broncos(Denver)
OFF-3 (-120)Under 48
OFF-3 (-120)Over 41.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
16:20 ET42449ers(SanFrancisco)
OFF+3 (even)Under 41.5
OFF+1Over 44.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
16:20 ET426Cardinals(Arizona)
OFF-1Under 44.5
OFF+4Over 36.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
20:20 ET430Jaguars(Jacksonville)
OFF-4Under 36.5
OFF+3 (even)Over 46.5
MatchupTrend Sheet
20:40 ET432Saints(NewOrleans)
OFF-3 (-120)Under 46.5


J.H said...

The Giants are only spotting 7? Definitely take that bet.

That's like when Georgia was only spotting ASU 7.

Albert said...


NFL is one of the hardest sports to bet on because the lines are so tight. Lot of people like the action so the Vegas experts make sure the lines are sharp.

Having said that here are some quick thoughts...

I like Texans +3 or ML. Indy -3 is begging people to bet on Indy as small road chalk. Texans are playing at home for the first time in a while, gonna be an emotional game for them. If you wait you may get +3.5 for Houston.

I like Titans -3. As a general rule, you should avoid road chalk (i.e road favorites) in the NFL but good defense vs. a rookie QB equals problems. Not one of my favorite ones but its worth investigating.

Panthers -9.5. Its a letdown spot for KC coming off that Denver win. Panthers offense is starting to come together.

Big letdown spot for Washington as well. Very tough scheduling having to play Dallas and Philly b2b on the road. I'd prefer to lay less than 5.5 points in a tough divisional game though but I can see the Skins getting blown out as well. I'd make sure Westbrook is back. If not, Philly is worthless.

Seattle does terribly on the East coast. However a couple things concern me regarding betting the Giants. No Plax, who are they passing to? The line opened at NYG -9 and sharps drove it down to NYG -7 so some peeps with big money thought NYG -9 was too high. I read that the Giants record after a bye week is terrible.

Gimme some Cardinals -1. I dunno why. I think the Cards bounce back at home against a team that is not as good as its current record. Over 44.5 looks good too.

herngtsui said...

Albert you are sick