Inflation finally hits the D's (McDonalds)

Rising gas prices... and now this??

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Quick hits on the article:

"...Don Thompson, president of McDonald's U.S. business, said the company has tested ways to make the burger less expensive to make."
-Is this even possible? It might not matter for you, but for people like me where about 60% of my sustenance intake is from the D's, this just makes it a whole lot worse.

"Some are selling the traditional double cheeseburger at prices ranging from $1.09 to $1.19."
-Is this the demise of the DCB, double cheeseburger, on the dollar menu? I hope not. I should hedge my loss and start buying some DCB futures.

"Mr. Thompson said if McDonald's moves the double cheeseburger off that menu, there would still be some type of $1 burger."
Like... just a regular cheeseburger? Damn, this is so lame.

On the bright side... I had a good weekend. Gotta love those Galveston beaches!

Justin's addendum:
The Economist's Big Mac index. Please notice Hong Kong at the very bottom beaten only by Malaysia in terms of the most D's for your buck. Although it might have something to do with the fact that the HKD is tied to the USD. Still cheap though.


Andrew said...

yeah except the big macs in hk are lame. i will go so far as to say that they could be called "small macs."

Andrew said...

i wonder about the prices of the herng-named "mcfish."

Justin said...

Yea but at half price, you could just eat two. Two 'small macs' is still bigger than one big mac

Also, no way a Norwegian big mac is twice as big as the USA